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Our Stories

Mondo was rolling with excitement today

As we made homemade sausage rolls together. It’s been so rewarding assisting Mondo in developing his cooking skills and making tasty treats like these sausage rolls.

Together in Every Milestone...

Donna is savoring her valuable moments spent with Josie, a representative from Dreams Alive Care.

Community Centre Highlights!

We had a fantastic time at our Community Centre this week! From hands-on gardening activities to creating beautiful artworks, it was a fusion of nature and creativity. A special shoutout to the diverse and multicultural backgrounds of our participants – your unique touch truly added colour to our gathering! Let’s keep celebrating the beauty of diversity together. Everyone is welcome at Dreams Alive Care!

Creating unforgettable memories

with Andrew
Andrew enjoying our afternoon out in Melbourne City. Great job Andrew for having moved so forward in life with Dreams Alive Care.
Josie with Andrew

Another wonderful outing with Violet.

This time ten pin bowling.
Violet expresses her desire to engage in a game of pinball, and Josie offers her assistance to make that happen. Together, they have created a cherished moment, exemplifying the commitment of Dreams Alive Care to fostering positive memories.

Meet our NDIS participant,

Violet is spending her quality time with Josie & getting helped with Daily Living and Community Access support.
Andrew Testimonial

shared some valuable and kind words

Andrew expressed his appreciation for our respite care services in a professional manner and offered us a unique form of gratitude.

Community of Empowered Participants

Dreams Alive Care is an NDIS provider that offers various services to help people with disabilities live their best lives. Our mission is to be the best at what we do, and we strive to ensure that our participants are happy with what we provide.

Our Services

Dreams Alive Care specialises in NDIS and other disability-related services. We specialise in helping people with disabilities find the help they need and want to live their best lives. We provide support for participants who wish to live independently, or we can help them transition into living in a group home or other care facility.

Start Your Journey With Dreams Alive Care

We know a disability doesn’t have to keep you from living your life. We’re on a mission to help you do just that. Our team of professionals has been working with people with disabilities for years, and we know how to ensure you get the most out of your NDIS plan. We can help you find the right service providers, connect you to resources in your area, and even provide training for your family members, so they know what to expect when caring for you.

Let us help you start your journey towards independence with Dreams Alive Care.

Helping You Be the Best Version of Yourself.

Our mission is to help build opportunities for individuals with disabilities and their families to live fulfilling, independent lives. We help our participants develop independence and achieve their goals through our multi-cultural staff, who work to design an individualised plan that best suits the participant’s needs.

Our Testimonial

Addison Collins

I am happy with my disability support service provider, Dreams Alive Care. The staff are always friendly and helpful, treating me like a person. I couldn't ask for a better NDIS service provider to help me through my NDIS journey.

Tony Worley

Previously, I had to rely on other people to help me with my daily tasks. Now that I have an NDIS plan, I can live a more independent life. With my new NDIS plan in place, I can take care of myself and make my own choices. The support from Dreams Alive Care has made this possible. Dreams Alive Care has been excellent! They helped me get the right equipment for my needs and even taught me how to use it properly to be as independent as possible. I would recommend Dreams Alive Care to anyone who wants support from an NDIS provider.

Bruce McKenzie

I love the NDIS because it gives me the chance to have a better life. With my disability, I can't get around very well. The NDIS has allowed me to get an electric wheelchair to get out of the house and go out into the world instead of being stuck in bed all day. It's incredible how much better life is when you move around more freely!

Karen Morland

When I was first diagnosed with a permanent disability, I had to give up my dream of being a professional musician. I was devastated. But thanks to the support of Dreams Alive Care and the NDIS, I'm back on my feet, playing shows again! Dreams Alive Care helped me get a wheelchair that fits me perfectly and makes it easier for me to move around—and they've even given me a few lessons on how to play! Now I can't wait until our next show.

Kellie Bergamim

I am so glad I found Dreams Alive Care. They are the only company I have worked with that provides quality care every time from start to finish. Their team is always friendly and willing to go above and beyond for their participants. The staff are professional, experienced, and compassionate. Dreams Alive Care has allowed me to stay in my home and receive the assistance needed to get through the day. I no longer feel incapable or scared of what each day will bring because I know that they are there for me when I need them most!