Development of Daily Living Skills

Development of Daily Living Skills

The NDIS supports people with disabilities in developing the skills they need to live. This includes learning new skills, improving existing skills and updating existing skills.

The NDIS supports participants to access activities, services and equipment to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. The NDIS can also support participants in activities that help build their confidence and independence.

Development of Daily Living Skills includes learning new tasks and improving existing skills to increase independence and self-reliance. For example, this may consist of cooking; using public transport; managing money, or managing medication.

How does the Development of Daily Living Skills Work?

The NDIS aims to provide choice, control and flexibility for participants in accessing support under the scheme. When a participant approaches the NDIS for assistance with daily living skills development, an NDIS provider will assess what type of support is required and what outcomes are expected from this support.

Participants may receive support from one or more providers at different stages of their life cycle – for example, when they are first diagnosed with a disability, transition into adulthood, or become elderly or frail. Each time a participant’s needs

We can help you create a plan for your NDIS participant that will enable them to learn new skills and become more independent. This can include things like cooking, cleaning or shopping for themselves.

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